Our Facilities

The new 14,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Bluestone Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital is­ designed to meet the needs of youth in crisis. Benefitting from many decades of experience gained at other Wingspan residential facilities, every aspect of the building was given careful consideration to ensure patient safety and security. All patient-accessible areas contain specialized systems, equipment and furnishings with anti-ligature, tamper-resistant, security, life safety code and elopement prevention features.

  • 12 single-patient rooms
  • Two de-escalating suites
  • Private baths with tamper-proof fixtures
  • Heavy-gauge steel door frames and anti-ligature hardware
  • Sophisticated egress control, security and fire alarm systems
  • Outdoor recreation space with specially designed gates and fences to prevent elopement
  • Cutting-edge communications system with emergency features