Bluestone  Welcomes Kathe Dvorsak

Bluestone Welcomes Kathe Dvorsak


Kathe Dvorsak, MSN, RN Named Nurse Executive

Bluestone is excited to welcome Kathe Dvorsak, MSN, RN to the team. In her role as Nurse Executive, Ms. Dvorsak will be responsible for the direction and oversight of quality of patient care by the nursing staff and an integral member of Bluestone’s treatment and administrative team. The Nurse Executive will oversee daily operations of the unit, including setting the direction of the milieu. 

Ms. Dvorsak has nearly 40 years of experience as a nurse and extensive experience in psychiatric nursing, working with both youth and adults. Prior to joining the Bluestone team, Ms. Dvorsak served as the Director of Psychiatry and Mental Health Services for St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh, where she was responsible for the planning, organizing, directing and evaluation of patient care services for a 26-bed inpatient program, as well as psychiatric outpatient and emergency services.